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Are you coming to Tarquinia to visit the town’s two Etruscan jewels, the Necropolis and the National Archaeological Museum of Tarquinia? Great! But make sure you don’t miss out on the town of Tarquinia itself!

The nerve centre of southern Etruria, one of the Etruscans’ capitals, a mediaeval city and an archaeological site of international renown that buzzes with cultural activities, the town of Tarquinia stands atop a hill, in a fine panoramic location 133 metres above sea level, looking out over the valley of the river Marta and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Its geographical location, some 90 km from Rome in one direction and Grosseto in the other, makes it a target for quality tourism, where visitors can benefit from important traditions that have endured for 3,000 years of history. Numerous invaluable archaeological artefacts and mediaeval remains, as well as a wide variety of natural features, testify to this endurance: in the town’s immediate vicinity are the sea shore, the natural countryside of the Maremma and the mountains of Tolfa and Cimini, while the view from its walls takes in the promontory of Argentario and the island of Giglio.

In addition to the exceptional National Archaeological Museum of Tarquinia, which is housed in the aristocratic Palazzo Vitelleschi, a masterpiece of Gothic-Renaissance architecture, and the must-see Etruscan Necropolis, with the ancient world’s most beautiful and best-preserved painted tombs, enduring evidence of the cult of the dead practised by a mysterious, enigmatic people, the only ones of their kind and comparable only to the tombs of ancient Egypt, if you take a stroll through the centre of town you are bound to discover plenty of evocative nooks and crannies, feel dominated by its lofty towers and explore narrow allies that suddenly break out into open piazzas, where a church façade acts as the natural backdrop. Eventually, you will come to the old city walls that stand sheer above the rocks: here you can gaze out over a dreamy panorama where colours mix and mingle, as the golden yellow of wheat fields blends with the green of the countryside, while the many different shades of brown soil rises and falls in waves until it reaches the blue of the sea.

There, at the town’s feet, lie its bathing beaches, with low-rise developments surrounded by vegetation, offering visitors a wide choice of accommodation: from campsites or apartments for rent to hotels.

Tarquinia’s hospitality infrastructures are renowned all over Italy: the residential areas of Marina Velca, Spinicci, Tarquinia Lido, Sant’Agostino and Riva dei Tarquinii vie with the hotels in the town centre to provide a countless array of creature comforts.

The climate is always mild here, even in winter, while the heat of summer is softened by the constant breeze that also makes it an ideal location for sailing and windsurfing. Since the town covers a varied geographical area, it also has what it takes to host international sports events that are hard to organise anywhere else, such as triathlons, cycle races and marathons.

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