The Etruscopolis Museum of Tarquinia is an Etruscan-themed underground park built in 1999 based on an idea by the artist Omero Bordo inside an ancient Etruscan quarry used to extract macco, a material used to build the Etruscan Tarquinia (Tarkna).
A dream pursued since 1964, when a different relationship with the Etruscans and their world matured in Bordo.
Etruscopolis is a real reproduction of an underground city, with an evocative itinerary that starts from a model of the ancient city of Tarquinia (made by Bordo himself) and reaches the large cavities where there are the display cases that contain ceramic works, sculptures in bronze, everyday objects, surgical tools, weapons and many other objects aimed at providing a comprehensive picture of the Etruscan spirit of the territory in a mix with the artistic soul of Omero Bordo.
Inside Etruscopolis the objects are arranged in a temporal manner, ranging from bright environments to others with little light to recreate a mystical and fascinating atmosphere, especially in the cavities where the tombs of the territory have been reproduced. Visiting Etruscopolis one really gets the impression of having made a real journey into the past, of having come out of another historical dimension.


Etruscopolis is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 13 and from 15 to 19
– Entrance fee without guide (without reservation) 8 euros (adults), 6 euros (children 4-12 years).
– Entrance cost with guide (only with reservation), to be defined at the time of booking, based on the number of participants. Guided tours can also be made on weekdays by reservation.

Info and reservations:
Tel. 0766/855175 – 333/5264036 – 328/3240742 – 333/1072964
Etruscopolis, alley of the stones Tarquinia (VT)
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